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?What is vitasib
vitasib fruit tea is a good drink that is rich in salts and vitamins from the group B, A and C and magnesium, iron, potassium and antioxidants.These treatments are made from Apples and pears and quince and dried fruits with aromatic spices, as well as leaves of rose and orange spring, and are unique in their formula. Based on researches made by the great scientist of the Middle East, Hakim Abu Ali Sina has been prepared. Is.
Boosting the heart, liver and stomach, anti-fluff and eliminating headaches caused by depression, have positive effects on mind and mind and lower cholesterol and blood pressure and relieve thirst and fatigue

چای میوه ای ویتاسیب


Natural tea for every taste

Even without sugar

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دمنوش به و سیب| چای میوه ای

What is fruit Tea

Fruit tea is one of the best types of tea that is suitable for treating and preventing many diseases.
Fruit tea has been a special place for many years, among traditional people and people. By drinking these teas, in addition to being rich in properties, you also strengthen your nerves and rejoice.
Fruit tea Vitacip has a unique effect on strengthening the heart, liver and stomach. Other properties include anti-flaccid effects, headache, cure for depression, strength of mind and mind, low cholesterol, low blood pressure, thirst and fatigue. And …. pointed out.
۱۰۰% natural without any add-ons✅
Made from fresh and healthy fruits✅
Rich in salts, vitamins✅
Good for the body and soul✅

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